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Virtual Support Package (Most Popular)

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This package has been my most popular & there is a reason for that.

Personalised Support every single day to make changes for a healthier, Well rested family.

Once you secure your booking with payment - You can then choose a day & time convenient for you to complete our Zoom Consult. During our Zoom Call we will discuss your;

35 Page Bespoke Sleep plan which is incredibly comprehensive.

This Sleep plan is tailored to your family dynamics, goals and child's temperament. This Package includes - Recurring night wakings, Catnapping, Schedule issues, Behavioural and Developmental Milestones, Regressions, Self settling, Re-settling, Early morning rise, Bedtime Battles, Nutrition & So much more

After our Zoom call - We get started with a Natural & Nurturing Sleep method that you feel comfortable implementing.

2-3 Weeks Support across 7 days because sometimes we need assistance even on a Sunday - This kind of support is what sets me apart from the industry.

Also Included;

Troubleshooting Guide

Closed FB Support Group

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Natalie Anestis
Lacey is the fairy sleep mother!

Lacey has helped each of my children to sleep soundly and helped me regain my lost sleep. Her methods and gentle and effective. Each of my programs were tailored for my children as being such different babies. Thank you Lacey for being so amazing to work with!

Lauren Dixon
Thank you

Thank you Lacey for helping us with our 3 year old daughter. She was becoming increasingly difficult to settle at bedtime and waking up multiple times throughout the night. We were at a loss and thought dropping her day nap would help when in fact it was just making her more overtired! Lacey was so understanding and patient and Evie is now going down easily every night and sleeping through, plus napping most days. Lacey has even armed us with a plan to drop the day naps when the time comes. Thank you so much xxx