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My Name is Lacey I am a Mama to a Toddler & 6 Year old.

My obsession with sleep began in 2016 when i fell into a Desperate Sleep Deprived
state I just couldn't find a way out. With Two little girls both suffering Colic
in their own way i hit an all time low. After having my 1st child in early 2016 i needed some
structure and i also wanted the anxiety around bedtime to go. Not knowing how
much sleep i was going to have overnight sent me into silent panic attacks and
on edge from 6pm every single night.

Once my Bebe transitioned from a newborn in to Baby sleep I began my very 1st Infant Sleep Course & haven't looked back

6 Years later and i have been lucky enough to find my passion Its not a job its a soul calling and one I never take for granted.

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" I honestly think the most life changing thing for us is to be able to put baby boy in his bed and walk away. I just never saw that as being possible for us & it's so amazing, especially now that we can be comfortable with a baby sitter and not being such a handful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart you have changed out lives!"

  • Safe Sleep Checklist Included in all Sleep Plans

  • Need some guidance on Awake windows or Tired Signs? We have it covered