My name is Lacey.

As a parent I know the importance of getting a good nights sleep... but I also know that not too many of us are actually getting one. My goal is to give you the tools, guidance and detailed one on one support to improve your little one's sleep almost immediately 

We break down your little one's sleep challenges and develop a tailored sleep plan that will have your child sleeping through the night, linking their sleep cycles and eliminate catnapping during the day in under 2 weeks.


At Snooze & Co we do not advocate leaving a child to cry we will instead discuss more holistic, gentle hands on options that work for your family.

With your commitment and consistency we will teach your little one some healthy habit's when it comes to sleep.


You are in the right hands welcome to Snooze & Co  

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Lacey is an angel!

Our 8mo daughter had always needed to be fed or rocked to sleep and at her worst was waking every hour overnight. After our GP suggested controlled crying I was relieved to meet Lacey and instead implement her gentle techniques and routine. Within a few days Evie was sleeping in to 7am and only waking twice overnight. Lacey has been a constant support over the past week answering my questions day and night. I wish we had contacted her sooner

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