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Welcome Mama

My name is Lacey & i am the Owner of Snooze & Co.

In January 2016 i welcomed my first baby girl and i was in awe of her. I always dreamed of one day becoming a Mama, I envisioned brunch dates with friends, walks in the pram and cozy calm cuddles with my gorgeous Newborn.

4 Weeks in and i was not in a good space, hubby was back at work and i was home alone with a Colic and silent relfux baby. We would pace the house from 4pm each afternoon trying everything i could to calm her down, everywhere i went i could hear her cry.

Living away from Friends & Family i felt alone. Motherhood was not what i dreamed it would be.

4 months later i decided to start reading & researching Infant Sleep. I was taking little snippets and putting them into practice it was working!

Shortly after i enrolled in one of many Peadiatric Sleep Courses. Each nap time and bedtime for 18 months i studied.

By 6.5 months i had my Colic Baby sleeping through i couldn't believe it. 2021 we were thrilled to extend our Family and we Welcomed our 2nd Baby Girl Esther. From the moment she took her 1st breath she had this high pitched Squeal letting everyone know she was earth side. In the maternity ward we had our own private room yet the entire ward could hear Esther's cry.

I could feel myself starting to panic

"This time is going to be different"

I repeated to myself over & over.It was Deja Vu only this time i had a Colic Newborn and a 5 year old starting her very 1st year of school. Regardless of how unsettled she was overnight i still had to drag myself out of bed at 6am to make school lunches. This time round i didn't get to sleep when the baby sleeps i just had to ride the wave only this time i had some tools under my belt to help mask and manage the crying as much as possible. 

Memory Loss, Mood Swings, Irritibility, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Loss of appetite, relationship breakdown can all be side effects of Sleep Deprivation.

I am here to tell you You can enjoy Parenting & Motherhood with the Tools and Support to navigate Sleep

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