Spring Day Lights Savings Tips

Spring Day Light Savings Tips

I know it sounds crazy.... BUT Do Nothing!!

If you have worked with me prior you will know we don't follow rigid routines it's all about awake windows

So start your day as you mean to go on. Adjust the clocks and see how bebe goes - Technically they have lost an hour of sleep so they may be a little grumpy especially before that 1st nap but keep them distracted with some outside play after a day or 2 They might just surprise you how well they adapt

Want to take a more gradual approach that is OK too.

2 days leading up to it

1st Morning wake bebe at 6:30am to start the day

Next Morning wake bebe at 6am to start the day

Wake & Feed on Sunday at 7am - The clocks have now pushed forward

Few more Hints & Tips

  • Black out babies room - Creep into the room at 5am i dare you & check it out is there any light peeking through the window frame?
  • White noise continually all night - Birds are singing it's spring we need to drown them out!
  • Adjust Milk and/or Solid feed times as well as nap times
  • Allow your little one's a few days to transition
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