I come to you in the comfort of your own home 30 minutes prior to your little ones nap to show you exactly how to implement your new Personalised sleep plan

Once I have received your intake form and payment - we will arrange the best day to book

During the home visit I provide you with a comprehensive sleep space assessment, a complete personalised sleep plan and of course hands on support on the desired sleep training technique​

All of this & a coffee catch up while your little one naps. You will have me in your home for 2hrs while we discuss your little ones sleep plan in detail setting you up for success.

This Package includes 2 weeks follow up support via Email


(Brisbane, Gold Coast and Surrounding Area)

When the support is needed but the logistics don't allow for it. This package is of you!

Wherever you are in the world we can help

This is also a perfect package for solving some of those more minor sleep issues for example:

Cat napping, Regressions, Cot to bed transitions, ditching the dummy and so much more

Once we have received your intake form and payment you will receive your personalised online plan via email within 3 working days.​

Once you have received your plan- we will arrange a Zoom or Skype meeting to talk through the plan assess your little ones sleep space and cover off any concerns 

This package Includes 2 weeks follow up support via Email


(Available Worldwide)

This package is for those families looking for some extra support during the Wind down and bedtime period


This package will assist your little one with staying in their toddler bed for naps and overnight, minimising that battle with getting them to bed at a reasonable hour. Or ditching the Co-sleeping if it's no longer working for your family.

Once we have received your intake form and payment we will arrange a day suitable for all. 

Once i arrive we will get straight into winding down your little one for the evening and once asleep we will sit down and go through the personalised sleep plan in complete detail

This Package is from 6pm-9pm

Includes 2 weeks follow up support via Email

(Selected evenings)


(Brisbane, Gold Coast and Surrounding area)

This package caters for those families a little further away that would like all the benefits of an in home consult over the phone. 

Once I've received your intake form and payment we will set up a time that is convenient to sit and discuss the sleep plan over the phone in complete detail. You can take notes, ask questions and raise any concerns

During our phone call we will discuss your little one's sleep space, your complete sleep plan as well as the desired sleep training technique

This package includes 1 week follow up support via Email


(Australia Wide)

For the parent's who have previously used our services within the last 6 months

but are needing some extra support. This is for you!

We discuss via phone/email the exact issues you are experiencing and I provide you with a detailed personalised plan to overcome the issues within 3 days

This package comes with 2 weeks follow up support via Email

$70 (Worldwide)

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