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Expectant Parents & Newborn Guide

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Educated, Empowered & Supported to create an Environment conductive to sleep for your Newborn.

A complete 40 page E-book to Guide you through the 4th Trimester 

Pregnancy - 16 Weeks 

Safe Sleep Practices, Awake Windows, Naps, Tired Cues, Creating a Nursery that promotes sleep, Wind Down Routines, Crying, Noise & Light, Night Waking's & of course supporting your little one to sleep.

This Guide is not to make any rigid routines of major sleep training - it is instead an educational tool for you as new parents to understand and lean into the 4th Trimester

This guide will remove the overwhelm when it comes to Newborn & Sleep.

This is a digital guide only & does not include personalised support.

Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommend!

Lacey supported me when my daughter was 4 months old and waking every night chatting for hours at night. All it took was a simple email and she discovered what was causing it! A little small change to her schedule and we had a sleeping baby again. 😍