Does your little one need a nightlight?

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

When a new parent goes shopping for the nursery essentials a nightlight is almost always on the list i know it was on mine one that played music and had all the pretty lights....

here are my top tips below on the Do's & Dont's of nightlight's.

A nightlight can definitely help in those early days when you are up and down a few times a night feeding and changing nappies you don't want to trip over and wake the whole household, so let's be honest the light is more for you than for your baby at this point so yes pop a nightlight in the room but not near the bassinet or cot. Instead place it next to the chair you will be feeding or the change table placing it too close to your babies sleeping area can interfere with that beautiful sleepy hormone (Melatonin) we need to fall asleep and stay asleep. Once you have finished the feed and placed baby back to bed turn the nightlight off.

Nightlight's can be a great source of comfort for toddlers over the age of 3 when separation anxiety kicks in or they develop night time fears- they might now feel anxious being left alone in the dark.

Did you know cool tones like blue are bad for sleep? Blue light actually interferes with the body's secretion of melatonin, this is why we recommend to limit screen time before bed for both children & adults. Look for more warm tone nightlight that throw the colour red or orange.

If you do introduce a nightlight to your toddler ensure its a low light and dim you don't want their room too bright that they struggle to fall asleep.

If your little baby or toddler under the age of 2 has a nightlight please do me a favour and remove it- you will notice a huge difference in their sleep quality.... You can thank me later

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