How much sleep does your little one really need?

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Yes you can google those famous words along with "How do i get my baby to sleep?" but unfortunately the issue with the big wide web is there is conflicting advice & information leaving parents stumped..

The national sleep foundation & American Academy of Paediatrics can guide you in the right direction when it comes to different ages & stages of sleep - but I've done all the work for you making it super simple.

I want to stress this is a guide not a straight jacket so please do not stress if your little one is not meeting these requirements instead contact us so we can discuss your little one in depth.

Newborn - 3 Months

15-18 Hours

Yes newborn babies sleep alot. They can feed as often as every 90 minutes and they shouldn't go more than 3 hours without feeding during the day. Newborn babies will wake 2-3 times overnight for feeding & more than likely drift back off to sleep. Cluster feeding peaks around 6 weeks as well as their secret language that allows us as parents to determine the particular cry whether it be "I need a nappy change" or "Mummy pick me up please"

Infants 4 - 8 Months

8-12 Hours overnight 4-2.5 Hours during the day

Neurologically the character of your little ones sleep at 4 months has evolved & babies are now sleeping more like adults. Melatonin is rising and non-rem sleep increases meaning babies are now sleeping deeply & restoratively than the newborn catnapping stage. At this age babies still need lots of feeding during the day 4-5 times so they are meeting the nutritional needs allowing them to store for overnight. From 4/5 months babies can do around 7/8 hours overnight without a feed. This is a great age to introduce a dreamfeed.

At 6-8 months babies are more mobile and on the go learning key skills. These developmental milestones can interrupt sleep. This is a great age to introduce a comforter. Babies are capable to sleep through the night at this age.

9-12 Months

11-12 Hours Overnight 3-2.5 Hours during the day

This age is crucial when it come to watching out for those tired signs as there is some big milestones happening in this age group making little ones very tired for example crawling, pulling themselves up and some even walking before their first birthday. This can also interrupt sleep temporarily. Between 9-10 months separation anxiety peaks which in turn can mean your baby will cry harder & louder feeling like something is really wrong. The aim is to have no feeding overnight at this age obviously ruling out any medical issues of course.

Toddlers 1-3 years

10-12 Hours Overnight 1-3 Hours during the day

Toddlers require a lot of consistency from parents at this age as they can start to fight naps which then leads to over tiredness making sleep overnight a real struggle. Some toddlers at this age can struggle with early rising, fussy eating or napping for too long. And well if that wasn't enough tantrums & bedtime battles can emerge testing parents patients. A bedtime routine is crucial at this age to allow them wind down time before bed.

Age 4 & Older

Some children are starting school at this age which makes them brilliant procrastinators. The best defence from us as parents is to have an air-tight bedtime routine, of course bend the rules every now & again but be careful not to give too much as is can become a slippery slope. Rewards are a great incentive to introduce again with limitations

If you are tired, struggling and need some guidance, click on the link below to book your sleep consult


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