5 Most common sleep mistakes

5 Most Common Sleep Mistakes

Having difficulty getting your little one to nap, snooze through the night or even just get through the day. Read below the most common sleep issues and how to avoid them

Letting your little one stay up late in the hope that he/she will have a sleep in

It does sound like a fantastic idea because most adults can achieve this, unfortunately little ones don't quite work the same way. Their biological clock is set usually for a sleep time and wake time and will wake up at this time roughly every morning regardless of what time they went to bed. When we allow little ones to stay up past their bedtime we are simply getting a very overtired baby the next day. A set bedtime 90% of the time will ensure they do not become overtired and get a solid 10-12 hours per night.

Parent’s who are not on the same page

This is a common one we see dad might be happy to let baby cry it out for example where mum would like a more gentle approach. Before any decision is made about how you will teach your little one this new skill parents must be on the same page with what tactic they are going to feel comfortable using to soothe baby to sleep. Decisions around bedtime, rocking, feeding to sleep should also be discussed because little ones can become very confused if mum is feeding to sleep and dad is letting baby cry it out. Sit down together and come up with a plan of action that you are both happy with.

Not picking up on Sleep Cues

Babies & toddlers send out signals that they are getting sleeping and ready for some snooze, our job is to recognise these and act quickly. It could be eye rubbing, yawning, overstimulated. The reason we say act quickly is because these tired signs can very quickly turn into over tiredness and in turn makes settling them down for a nap very difficult.

Sleep Schedule not on track or not appropriate

Sleep schedules are important especially for newborns/babies to set there internal body clock. If parents are inconsistent with this and change it up each day it can cause bedtime battles and over tiredness. As babies grow so does their schedule so its important to change and adapt this to suit your babies age appropriately. There is obviously always room for a more flexible/go with the flow type schedule if this is more your parenting style.

Remember the only constant in parenting is change.


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