I don't know where to start really. My 2 year old has never slept through the night but would usually take a bottle and go back to sleep, that was until about 5 months ago. She started to wake in the middle of the night and be awake for hours. It was a constant battle, until Lacey took us on as our sleep consultant. She personalised a sleep routine which was extremely clear and easy to follow. I often sent emails in the middle of the night with questions and asking for advice, she was there every step. My daughter will now go down without a fight and although she still wakes in the middle of the night, I pop her back in bed and she's off back to sleep. So so much better. And we are only on week 2so can't wait to see how much better she gets with time. Thank you so much Lacey for all your advice and help. I'm a much more rested human thanks ito you.

My little one is 4 months old and never slept a night by herself in her cot. Desperate for sleep I rang Lacey. She gave me a personalised routine and schedule. With her daily support and reassurance we finally have bub in her cot and getting more settled each day. can't thank her enough

My baby was waking every night and having awake time for almost 2 hours at around 2-4am! She was napping extremely well during the day and self settled for every sleep so I didn't know what was going on.

I got in touch with Lacey for some help! And she put a great routine in place an taught me a little more about her awake time and hours of sleep she should be having during the day and now she is getting back on track.

Lacey was extremely quick at responding to all my questions along the way and was always checking in each day asking about our progress.

I highly recommend getting in touch with her if you're having sleep issues with your little ones

My beautiful 2 year old had been waking every night for the  last 8 months multiple times and asking me to sit with in the room with her. With another baby on the way i was so tired and so scared of being up all night with 2 kids. I thought i would contact Lacey to see if there was any way she could help me. Lacey gave me a program tailored to my daughters  needs and was so supportive and encouraging! I honestly cant believe the change in my daughter since applying everything in the plan. My little one now asks to go to bed and sleeps all the way through with no waking or crying! If your having trouble and considering contacting someone for support..... I can't recommend Snooze & Co enough!! Thanks again for changing our life for the better

Thanks to Lacey I get 11-12 hour night time sleeps from my 1 year old! My Bub has been an “ok” sleeper but at best I would still have to wake up every night 3 or 4 times with a wake up call of 5am so I was constantly exhausted from broken sleep, after reaching out and working on a schedule that works for both me and Bub with Lacey’s suggestions and help she now is the perfect sleeper and a average wake up time of 6:15/6:30am.
If we go through a a rough time Lacey will inform me any development cycles Bub is going through or something that has changed in my day I never would of realised would impacted Bubs sleep!
Couldn’t be more grateful for all the help off Lacey and would recommend her service to anyone

Lacey I can not thank you enough. My little miss A has finally had her first full night sleep. I can’t believe it only took her 3 nights of the sleep training before she just knew what to do. Each night with our bed time routine she just knows what happing and is happy to go to bed. And she is finally sleeping through!
I highly recommend booking Lacey for a in home consult if you are struggling to get your bubba to sleep through

We approached Lacey three weeks prior to welcoming our third baby to get our 2 year old sleeping better. Her program has helped us to get him having a day nap again ( which he still obviously needs) and we have him at a place in the program that we are happy with for now with the tools and knowledge to progress further (when Mumma’s ready) We also started our sons routine/ techniques on our almost 5 year old daughter and she now falls asleep independently,sleeps in her own bed through the night with no tears and is able to self settle if she does wake over night. I liked the gradual/ gentle approach we were able to take with the program and overall the whole experience was far less stressful than my expectations on implementing a sleep schedule ( for us and the kids) the 1:1 email/ text support was helpful to share wins and the nights that didn’t do so well and to get tips and knowledge on how to improve for the next nap/night time routine. Thank you Lacey

Since seeing Lacey my 2.5yr old has done a complete 360 Turnaround! She's gone from me laying with her at night to fall asleep and coming into our bed every night to her falling asleep unassisted and staying in her own bed all night. I highly recommend Lacey to help with your child's sleeping needs. Best thing we ever did!

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