Was your little one up at the crack of dawn this morning?

Early Morning Rise

Early rising between 4-6am can be actual torture


Optimal room temp & Bedding
3-5am in the morning can be the coolest part of the night. Your little one generally needs an extra 1-2 layers than what you are wearing to bed. Invest in a TOG rated sleeping bag and either regulate the room temp with air conditioning or an oil heater.
In summer it can be light from 4:45am, this light seeping through the curtains or blinds can wake bebe from their light phase of sleep. Try investing in room-darkening shades or lined drapes to keep the sun from rousing your mini rooster
some little ones may still need an overnight feed up to 9 months of age. Start by keeping a log of your little ones milk and solid feeds during the day. We want to ensure they are having adequate calories throughout the day to sustain them well overnight.
First nap of the day

This is a BIG one! Your baby can wake at 4:30am and be tired and grumpy ready to go back down at 7am. This can be too soon depending on babies age and awake window guide. The 7am nap can be used as a continuation of night sleep. This will then create a vicious cycle of early morning wake ups without being able to break them. Instead stretch out your babies awake window by an extra 30-45 mins before popping them down for that 1st nap this will generally push the morning rise out a little bit further continue this for a few days until bebe is waking between 6-6:30am then you can go back to the normal awake window guide for their age.


How do you respond
Finally, how do you respond when your little one wakes at this time? Are you rushing in at the sound of a little murmur? Give them the opportunity to re-settle before intervening they could be just having a little moan or getting into a new comfortable position right before you come in and potentially take away that opportunity for bebe to fall back to sleep.
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