Dreamfeeds - What are they?

Dreamfeeds - What are they?

Dream feeds were a hot topic this week at our Mother's Groups.

  • Can i Introduce one?
  • What is a dreamfeed?
  • When do i stop a dreamfeed?
  • What time?

With both of my girls i didn't offer a dream feed the only reason being is i am an early bird so i was in bed & asleep by 9pm. There was absolutely no way i would be able to stay awake until 10-11pm to do this feed instead i would get an early night and wait for her to wake naturally which most of the time was around 1-2am quick feed, nappy change and back down.

What is a dreamfeed?

This is a Feed when your bebe is Sleeping. You scoop bebe out of the cot/bassinet and offer a feed

When to stop?

When it is no longer working for you and your bebe when those big stretches of sleep get shorter or when bebe starts to wake just before this feed?


A dream feed can essentially tank your little one up allowing them a big chunk of sleep on the other side of the feed


Offer this feed between 10-11pm (3-6 Months)


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