101 on Sleeping Bags

101 on Sleeping Bags

The Importance of a sleeping bag

Sleeping Bags AKA Wearable Blankets are my most favourite & i'm going to tell you why...

Not only do they provide that layer or warmth for our bebe's with either a balloon bottom to provide freedom for little ones legs and feet - but not too much we all know how our toddlers like to try throw the leg over and climb out. A Sleeping bag can be such a powerful tool when signalling sleep - our babies and toddlers thrive off knowing what comes next - incorporating a sleeping bag for both naps & overnight can really help smooth this transition

 If & When your Clever little munchkin can unzip their sleeping bag off turn that Sleeping bag inside out or back to front

Moving to a big bed.. now what??

Your toddler loves the Sleeping bag - Great but now you are wanting to move them into a Big Bed

You can Absolutely continue using a Sleeping bag with Legs while in a big bed. For the most part out toddlers have never rarely used a duvet or sheets so they have no comprehension of when they are cold getting the duvet and pulling it back over to provide that warm - this will come over time. In the summer months would be the best time to try a few nights Sleeping bag free and see how they go

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